Who Am I?

Abijah Nwakanma is a Toronto-Calgary-based multimedia artist, and marketing strategist specializing in web design, branding, strategy, and content creation. After work, you can find her on abijahnwakanma.com where she documents her lifestyle journey. If not there, you can find her spontaneously traveling to a new country/city that she took interest in 48 hours prior.

She graduated with a HBA in Communication, Culture, Information & Technology from the University of Toronto, specializing in Digital Enterprise Management which has pushed her skills to expand beyond the traditional realms of design and into the interactive world of digital media and code. She is currently completing her Masters in Information Systems & Technology.

With her background in digital enterprise management, and experience in design, Abijah is able to strategize effective solutions to produce unique digital content.

Digital Marketing Web Developer

CBI Health Group (present)

Evaluate content on more than 450 webpages as part of a website redesign project. The goal of this review is to ensure content is concise and provides accurate information to clients

Junior IT Analyst 

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (2018)

Communications Assistant 

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (2017-2018)

Web Developer

University of Toronto (2017-2018)

50 Projects
3 Year of experience
2 award win

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